Mitsuru Sutoh

The junior high school days of the boom height of prosperity saw the copy of Alice “the champion” convert to a base that includes a folk guitarist in the high school band. Jazz, fusion, and fusion are my passions. I’m a big fan of jazz. I am also a cheerleader in high school. This is the beginning of my career as a “physical education society bassist”. After that, I entered Tokyo Gakugei University. I am a math teacher. It is often a mathematical approach that I use to think about music. I am a member of the university’s jazz circle and have improved my skills. Through a mutual acquaintance with Noritake Hiroyuki, I am invited to audition for the successor of Toyoyuki Taka of THE SQUARE. I turn 21 and then join THE SQUARE. It’s 1986. It is 1986. After the change in my name, I am a drawing card bassist for THE SQAURE as well as T-SQUARE. This is where I have an active role. Since my debut, I have been a part of many recordings and a live session as a single bassist. “I contribute to it being an own leader session of everyone.” I had been following the square for many years, although it was not always easy. “Faver of My Friends”, which won the live take in 1997, was the first album under my name. Hirokuni Korekata and the trio “KORENOS” with Noritake Hiroyuki also perform live, broadcasting energetically throughout the country. Additionally, I am involved in the holding of the teaching rule video, the seminar, and the clinic. This includes the lecturer of artist Village. In the autumn 2000, I graduated from T-SQUARE and was registered there for 14 years. After that, I became an independent citizen by taking advantage of Village-A’s position office. The future activity, which will greatly expand the territory as one bassist, is anticipated in the new century. bio by

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