Mladen Dragović

Mladen Dragovic (1986), Belgrade, Serbia. With the idea of Tuning To The Universe in my mind, my first solo album “Skylights” aims to remind people that they are connected with all of life and with each other. It combines synth pop with rock, fusion and gospel music with ambiental music. I composed the album, with some help from Milena Dragovic and Srdjan Tanaskovic. Marijo Pajic, Damir Imeri and Sloba Dragovic. Let’s go back to the beginning. My brother introduced me to piano lessons at the age of 6. I started playing with empty sugar and coffee cans. My first drum set (13) took me a while to get. At that time, I was already studying percussion at Konjovic music school with Dusan Vrbic. Stankovic high school was where I studied theory, percussion, and Ivan Marjanovic. I was called up to 3 tours with YMISO, an international youth orchestra now known as ESYO, won state competition awards, and performed with Stankovic Percussion Ensamble. I also participated in a concert with 600 students performing Carmina Burana.

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