They are the young German guns! Mo’ Blow has been causing a worldwide stir with his heavy grooves, earthy sounds, and driving rhythms. ACT’s “Young German Jazz” series has Mo’ Blow as a member again. He is one of the leaders of the next generation. The Berlin-based jazzfunk group has already stunned the world with their ACT debut, “For Those About to Funk”. Suddeutsche Zeitung wrote that the quartet was not playing with the usual run-of-the mill grooves but rather with quality, while others praise the album’s simplicity and timelessness. They won the Leverkusen Jazz Days “Future Sounds Competition”, which was praised by the jury. “Mo’ Blow lit up a sparkling funk firework stage,” the jury said. The new Mo’Blow album, “Gimme The Boots”, proves that they are a successful blend of sounds from the seventies and the modern. The first track, “Call Me Milroy”, is full of energy and slap sounds. Matti Klein, founder of Mo’Blow, plays the sax, while Felix Falk, founder, makes the perfect ending with a solo on the Fender Rhodes. “Slingshot”, a pure boiling funk track, is fueled by Tobias Fleischer’s thundering bass, while Andre Seidel creates a series driving rhythms on “Papa’s Pancakes”. The quartet wanted to present themselves in their purest form on ‘Gimme The Boots’ and they chose to not call upon guest stars. All compositions and the entire record were written by the band on their own machine. This record showcases the group’s distinctive sound, which has evolved over the past ten years in a stunning way. This album captures the band’s musical energy, which they have displayed at hundreds of concerts in Germany and around the world. The band often leaves audiences in shock and amazement, whether it is in Norway, Russia, or Malaysia. The Mo’Blow sound is characterized by many surprising details, such as the didgeridoo and rhythmic feats on all instruments. Concerts with Nils Wulker, Gunter Hampel and David Friedman further document the band’s vast musical range. Mixing is key! Nils Landgren couldn’t resist producing “Gimme The Boots”, just like he did the ACT debut. Mo’ Blow – a band that is getting more attention outside of Germany. They are one of the most energetic acts in the world. (ACT)

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