Mom’s Apple Pie

Mom’s Apple Pie dates back to August 1970, when it was formed. It was a group whose members fluctuated from six to eleven to ten to presently have ten musicians, each averaging nineteen. Their individual histories are a perfect example for what it means to be an “all American boy”. Thus, Mom’s Apple Pie was born. After months of planning, organizing, and building a cohesive unit, Larry Patterson, the group’s manager, booked a demo recording session in Cleveland with Kenneth Hamann. Hamann was the recording engineer who, unbeknown to Larry, had previously worked in the studio with Terry Knight for all the Grand Funk Railroad albums. If Knight hadn’t returned to the Cleveland studios a few months earlier, the demo would have been just as overlooked as the group. It was actually Terry Knight’s wife Pia who “discovered” Mom’s Apple Pie. from

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