Monoswezi is an ensemble of musicians from Zimbabwe, Norway, Sweden, Mozambique and Norway. Monoswezi shares a passion for traditional African music, in particular music from Zimbabwe and Mozambique. They seek a musical expression that combines respect for tradition with modern Western music and jazz references. Monoswezi plays traditional music and also performs original music by members of the band, while remaining open to improvisation. Today, the Zimbabwean and Mozambican populations have a rich, distinct musical tradition. Drums, percussion and local marimbas of all sizes are important instruments. The national instrument of Zimbabwe is the mbira, which has been played for over a thousand years by Shona people. Many similarities exist between Zimbabwean and Mozambican traditional music and Western music. While the rhythmic basis of the music is derived from parts of American jazz tradition, it shares many similarities with contemporary composers such as Philip Glass and Steve Reich. The music is often accompanied by dance and participation from the audience. The performer and the audience are often equally involved in music-making.

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