A band calling themselves Moogg implies that their music was created using Moog-synthesizers. This is not the case for this Brescia-based Italian band. It was formed as a trio in 2003 with Rosario ‘Penny’ Rampulla (bass), Marco Dolfini on drums, and Antonio Gafforini (keyboards). The band became a quartet when guitarist Ivan Vanoglio joined them in 2004. Drummer Dolfini was also appointed lead singer. Their music wasn’t just instrumental anymore. The group’s first demo, which included self-written material, was released in 2007. Rampulla quit the group in 2010 and was replaced by Gianluca Agvanzati. They recorded their debut album Le Ore I Giorni Gli Anni (The days, hours and years) a year later for Mellow Records. from

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