Moonlight Sky

MOOONLIGHT SKY is a Slovenian-based band that has been captivating audiences for quite some while now. Their music can be described as progressive rock in terms of genre, but there’s more to it. MOOONLIGHTSKY’s music is a blend of many styles and tastes, including rock, jazz, blues, and film score. This is done with great respect for music history. Although the band was formed in 2000, the instruments that comprise the band’s sound have not changed much since then: vocals and keyboards, as well as electric guitar, bass, drums, and drums. MOOONLIGHT SKY combines the music of the late sixties with the mixing genres that began with Miles Davis’s fusion movement as well as modern musical trends. They prove that music can transcend time and not be a fashion trend. MOOONLIGHT SKY has grown to be a respected and mature band through numerous performances on Slovene, as well as on foreign stages, as well as many collaborations with notable musicians. Their first album, Moonlight Sky, was released in summer 2006. It featured 9 of their original songs. This album was the result of the collective efforts of all members of MOOONLIGHTSKY and shows that they have created an identifiable music image. from

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