Moose Loose

Jon Eberson, aka ‘Moose Loose,’ became a well-known musician within Norwegian jazz-rock circles. Moose Loose, an instrumental jazz-rock group that combines elements of ECM and the Canterbury sound, was one of Eberson’s earliest bands. Five compositions were featured on the band’s debut album, which was characterized by Eberson’s guitar interludes and loud drums. This album was the result of a young band trying to find their own way. During this time, Blix and Hovensjo were also featured on Terje Rypdal albums. Transition (1976), was a more polished, better-constructed effort. Their new sound, which included keyboards, electric violin, and guitar, was akin to French fusion (Spheroes, Michel Ripoches, Nemo). Blow Out (1977), was recorded by Jon Christensen, a jazz drummer and ex-members from Moose Loose. This album was a traditional, relaxed 70’s jazz-rock album that featured keyboards and guitars. Eberson formed Jon Eberson Group with Sidsel Endesen, a female vocalist. Hakon Graf, formerly of Ruphus, went into a less commercial and jazz-funkier direction. – From lastfm

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