The original name of the band was OPOSSUM which was a six-member jazz-rock group. As two members tried to limit the band to free jazz, the four others wanted to rock. Dissention began to develop. In 1975, the group walked away, formed MORPHEUS*, and released “Rabenteuer”, a self-produced album. This name combines the German words “raven” with “adventure” as in “Raventure”. The music was recorded too slowly and the entire album was a semitone below the original. Despite this, the LP was a collector’s item. Only 500 copies were printed. Garden of Delights re-released the LP in CD format using the original master tapes. They also made it a point not to fix the sound problem. Amazing as it may sound, 22 years later, the entire band reunited around their guitarist to release a new CD called “For a Second.” The group consists of Gerold Adler, Alto Sax Player Heinrich Holtgreve and Peter Blomeke, as well as drummer Alvaro Tarquino. “Rabenteuer”, an all-instrumental jazz rock album, features a lot of saxophone, bits of flute and is similar to early KRAAN. Partly improvised, the music is warm and has strong melodies. A bonus track is included on the CD, which includes a 20-minute jam session that was culled from the master tapes. Although “For a Second”, the band’s 2002 album, might sound more laid back than its predecessor, it still retains the MORPHEUS charm with lots of catchy hooks and trippy sax. Jazz-rock and early KRAAN fans, as well as jazz-rock enthusiasts who love improvisation, are recommended. * Not to be confused or misunderstood with the MORPHEUS string of metal bands. Lise (HIBOU), CANADA

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