Morten Haxholm

He graduated with a master’s degree from the Carl Nielsen Acedemy, Odense, in 2009. Now, he has the privilege of studying at the highly regarded “solist class”, program at the Rhythmical Music Conservatory in Copenhagen. This includes an additional 6th and 7th years of jazz studies. Morten Christian Haxholm Jennifersen is an active composer and teacher as well as a bassplayer. He has performed with a number of international and danish jazz musicians, including Jesper Lovdal (Mads La Cour), Jakob Hoyer. Niels Lyhne Lokkegaard. Carl Winther. Cecilie Norby. Jan Harbeck. Thomas Franck. Petter Wettre. Bob Rockwell. Morten Christian recorded a jazz record with jazz greats Ari Hoenig, Morten Christian, and Frederick Menzies at the famed “Systems Two” studios in Brooklyn, New York. Morten Christian Jensen recorded an album in 2009 with the Polish avantgarde-modern-jazz project “Off-Quar-Tet”. This album was released by Polish Jazz Forum 2011. Since 2009, “Off-Quar­Tet” has been massivly touring Eastern Europe. In 2010, they released a DVD of their show in Kiew. (Ukraine) from

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