Anja Lauvdal is a pianist, Fredrik Luhr dietrichson is a bass player, and Hans Hulbaekmo is a drummer. They are all in their twenties and were part of the Trondheim Conservatory of Music’s Jazz Department. Hans and Anja have made a name for theirself as members of critically acclaimed rock bands Your Headlights Are On and The Avalanche/Snoskred. Moskus won the Grappa Record Company’s “Debut Artist” Award in 2011. Moskus has a unique combination of a mature and personal style, which is often found in older musicians, and youthful energy and unprejudiced openness. The band is dynamic and able to alternate effortlessly between introspective solemnity and uninhibited playfulness, free improvisation and written material. They function as equals and all three members contribute as composers. from

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