Mototeru Takagi 高木元輝

Mototeru Takagi (Gao Mu Yuan Hui) (28/12/1941 – 12/12/2002) was a Japanese tenor player. He is best known for his powerful and distinctive free jazz style. He was a member of many of the greatest Japanese free musicians and groups of the seventies such as ESSG, Masahiko Takagi, Motoharu Yoshizawa, and Masayuki Tananagi. Takagi was born in Osaka, Japan in 1941. He grew up in Yokohama. He spent his youth in bands like Charlie Ishiguro or Hisashi Sakurai. But, it was only when he joined The Motoharu Yoshizawa Trio, in 1968, that he really developed his unique style. He joined Togashi’s Quartet and ESSG the following year. Takagi briefly played with Masayuki Takangi’s New Direction Unit, and as a duo with Sabu Toyozumi, percussionist. He spent one year in France from November 1973 to November 1974, before returning to Japan in November 1975. Although Takagi did not record many albums as a leader during his career, he was highly respected as a collaborator by many Japanese avant-garde, jazz, and rock musicians. From Wikipedia

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