Mountain Mocha Kilimanjaro

The most promising and brightest funk hopes ever come from Tokyo’s outskirts. The Mountain Mocha Kilimanjaro is a six-piece band that includes the grooving cats, deep-dapping dogs, and the history-changing dogs. These gentlemen are well dressed and slick, but they play the most raw and soulful funk you’ll ever hear. Add to that the energy and passion of a rock and roller band and you have them. They have a reputation for being one of the best funk groups in the world today, having played tirelessly in clubs across Japan. They are signed to Japan’s prestigious P-Vine record label. A release was also made by the Jazzman label and Instrumental Recordings in Australia. They recently toured Australia’s east coast, becoming crowd favorites at well-known festivals like Woodford Folk, Peats Hill, Sydney Festival, Mona Foma, and the legendary Basement. These young groove merchants will conquer the world. Your soul. bio from

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