In 2015, “MU” began to investigate the interaction between cello and guitar. The instruments were kept in their purest and most acoustic dimensions. The game was made with very little electronic use. Their music is equally formed by both free improvisation and compositional process (the former in different degrees of strictness or openness), which allows them to draw on their musical backgrounds and bring out a new and unique perspective. Adriano Lanzi has been performing with rockjazz band El Topo and the electroacoustic trio K-Mundi. She also performed with Geoff Leigh (rock in opposition) and Siriman Kanoute (west african griot). Federica Vecchio, a Perugia Conservatory graduate, was a member Symphonica Nova Ars orchestra. She also participated in movie soundtrack recordings with Orchestra Italiana del Cinema. She is currently performing with Musicomici trio with the post-rock band ET//AL with the Sharareh String Quartet. from

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