In 1988, the improvising group Mujician was founded. Mujician is made up of Paul Dunmall (reeds), Tony Levin, Paul Rogers (bass), Keith Tippett and Paul Rogers (percussion). Dunmall was classically trained in clarinet. Levin, not the King Crimson member, studied jazz and drums from age 13. He became a professional drummer at age 17. Rogers is self-taught. Tippett was a member of King Crimson’s studio from 1970 to 1972 and has performed with Centipede, his 50-piece band. The group has performed at music festivals across England and Italy and also played in Tbilisi (Georgia) in 1991. The Journey was Mujician’s first CD. It consisted of one hour-long track that was recorded in front of large festival audiences. Their second CD, Poem About the Hero contains five improvisations ranging in length from 2-30 minutes each, and was recorded before a small audience. Their first studio recording, Colours Fulfilled, was released in 1998. They’re still active but are taking longer to release recordings. The 1991 Bristol Concert, a collaborative concert, was recorded but not released until 2000. Spacetime’s actual follow-up to Colours Fulfilled (Spacetime), wasn’t completed until 2001. Five years later, There’s No Going back Now was released. AllMusic

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