Roy Powell is an English-born, norwegian resident pianist/keyboard player/organist. His recent releases on RareNoiseRecords include two full-length albums with Naked Truth (with Lorenzo Feliciati, Pat Mastelotto, and Jarle Vespestad), and his organ trio InterStatic, which includes Jacob Young, Jarle Vespestad and Jarle Vistelotto. He creates stunning, almost-symphonic, progressive rock-fueled compositions in MUMPBEAK He uses a modified set of pedals, and a Hohner Clavivinet to fuse the sounds and textures of keyboard, organ and touch-guitar into an intense, relentless sonic maelstroem that is sometimes reminiscent of King Crimson and Rush. Four great bass players are there to support him, Bill Laswell and Shanir Ezra Rosenkranz, Lorenzo Feliciati, and Tony Levin. They are all overdubbed together by Pat Mastelotto, master King Crimson drummer, and Tony Levin. The thick and fast microtonal keyboard tracks dance and wrestle to babelic bass voicings, which are accompanied by relentless grooves. Oblique drum fills also play a part. These odd time signatures that are so characteristic of Progressive rock are covered by a gluttonous lick bass. They dance to the beat of the keyboard’s (guitar-like), melodic lines. This album was recorded in Norway and New Jersey. Bill Laswell mixed it in New Jersey. It marks the first time Bill Laswell has been heard performing with King Crimson alumni Tony Levin, Pat Mastelotto, and is available for purchase at

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