Munju is a post-CAN and KRAFTWERK generation band that played original music. Dieter Kaudel (guitars, vibraphone, oud, vibraphone), Wolfgang Salomon/bass, keyboards, and Thomas Romer/drums, and trumpet) formed the core of the band and toured for 10 years. They led Munju on their musical journey through many musical styles and inspirations. In 1976, the band started as an instrumental fusion rock group. It gradually morphed into advanced rock with German vocals. Their repertoire grew to include avantgarde elements such as: Their last album, “Le Perfectionniste”, was their final. Let’s begin at the beginning: The original Munju team was composed of Jurgen Benz (flute/saxophone), Wolfgang (bass), Dieter (guitars) and Thomas (drums). Jurgen was just leaving Missus Beasty to return home to Wurzburg, where he had been working as a musician. He wanted to start a new band. Wolfgang and Thomas were friends in “Pozzokko”, a local rock band that included Bernhard Potschka, guitarist (later Nina Hagen Band, Spliff). Dieter was in “Neffe Bruno”, an experimental group with Thomas’ younger brother Rainer Romer (later Nina Hagen Band and Spliff). The new Munju band created an energy that the audience loved and co-founded “Ensemble Modern”. They were part of an independent record label for musicians.

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