Nat Steele

Nathaniel grew up in a musical family. It’s not surprising that he became a professional musician. His parents both compose, play and teach music. His older brother is a professional double basses player on the London scene. He was born in 1985 and grew up in Reading and Oxford. His first exposure to performing regularly was as a New College Choir chorister (he was also on the CD Agnus Dei which was one the most popular classical albums of all time). He studied violin for 8 years as a child. Later, he tried out clarinet, piano and Javanese Gamelan drums, before finally choosing vibraphone and drums in late teens. As a youngster, he discovered jazz through his father’s records collection. Later, he saw American legends such as Joe Locke, Monty Alexander and Cedar Walton perform at Ronnie Scott’s. He learned a lot from his father and has taken masterclasses by John Pattituci, Barry Harris, Alec Dankworth, Matt Skelton, Allison Neag, Dave Chamberlain, Julian Bury, Gary Kavanagh, Dave Chamberlain, Dave Chamberlain, John O’Brien, Greg Abate, Greg Brewer, John McKay, Dave Chamberlain, Dave Chamberlain, John Moody, Dave Clark, Tim Lapthorn, Tim Lapthorn, Josh Morrison, Joe Alexander, James Moody, Jim Moody, John, John and the recordings. He has performed as a drummer and vibes player with many of the top names in London jazz, including with Pete King and Henry Armburg Jennings. From

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