Natty Dominique

Natty Dominique, an erratic trumpeter was his best. He played with a lot of force and a pleasing rhythmic style in the 1920s. There were times when Natty Dominique’s enthusiasm was too much (“Tack ’Em Down”) As a teenager, he was in New Orleans’ brass bands. He left New Orleans in 1913 and worked as a freelancer in Chicago and the Midwest. Dominique recorded with Jellyroll Morton in 1923. He also played with Carroll Dickerson, Jimmie Noone and Jimmie Noone. But his best-known association with Johnny Dodds is their frequent recording together. Dominique was forced to retire in 1940 due to a heart attack. He worked as an airport porter until the 1950s when he began playing on a limited basis again, using Baby Dodds. Allmusic

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