Nenad Vasilić

Nenad Vasilic was a Yugoslavian native who was born in Nis in 1975. He graduated high school in Nis with majors in theory and choir arrangement. After graduation, he attended the University Music School in Graz (Jazz Institute), where he studied Jazz Kontrabass/Electric bass. Vasilic began his own band in 1998 after appearing in international line-ups with Sheila Jordan, Mark Murphy, and Steve Gut. Vasilic’s original goal was to create a jazz quintet that would not include any American songs. The band evolved over time and the musical focus became clearer. It now fuses European jazz with improvised music with rhythms and melodies drawn from Balkan folk music. Vasilic spent time researching the best traditional songs from his area and began to arrange them. Vasilic’s success was to combine the traditional feel and music of folk music with modern instrumentation and the expressive range of jazz quintet. Vasilic Nenad loves the rhythms and melodies of Serbia (and beyond) His musical approach has always been based on these elements. Vasilic’s music is a unique European interpretation of world-jazz that combines these elements with elements of contemporary jazz. from

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