New Faces

Posi Tone Records is an independent label that has the motto “…to produce the best recordings of today’s most relevant jazz musicians.” Since 1994, co-owners Marc Free and Nick O’Toole have done exactly that. 2018 promises to be no exception. Free gathered his New Faces band from Posi Tone musicians and created a satisfying new album entitled Straight Forward. It will be out January 12, 2018. This group is made up of young, like-minded musicians who, based upon their successful album, can have a long and prosperous future together. The group features Josh Lawrence’s trumpet and Roxy Coss on saxophone. The young pianist Theo Hill is supported by Peter Brendler on bass, and Vinnie Sperrazza, on drums. The ensemble offers a well-executed, tight set of music. It includes compositions partially culled from Posi-Tone’s archives but also two original compositions by Lawrence and three composed by Gillece, the vibraphonist. One Herbie Hancock composition, “King Cobra”, is a great representation of the 50’s-60’s Blue Note era. Posi-Tone clearly took inspiration from this recording model. from

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