New Red Onion Jazz Babies

PREDECISORS Marvin Hart’s Dixie Six The band’s nucleus, both in terms of personnel and music collection, was formed with Marvin Hart’s Dixie Six (photo taken from a 5/25/79 KC Times Review). The band began their existence at Costello’s Greenhouse in Kansas City, MO on Monday nights in 1979. First night musicians: Marvin Hart-trombone and Marvin Hart-trombone; Larry Kendzora clarinet and Larry Kendzora – cornet; Terry Hughes-drums; Tom Hook-banjo; Steve Patke-bass sax. Bill Stroder’s Riverside Jazz Band The band moved to Flamingo Lounge every Sunday night in 1980 with Tom Hook leading. After a brief time, Bill Stroder had most of the band members hired into his Riverside Jazz Band at Bristol Bar.

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