Next Order

NEXT ORDER is a Japanese heavy jazz rock band. It was founded in August 2002 as a twin-guitar-oriented trio by Yuji MUTO and Atsutomo ISHIGAKI, both from Nagoya. Two Osaka-based musicians Takumi SEINO (guitar) and Hiroshi ‘Gori MATSUDA (drums). Since their inception, they have performed with many progressive artists such as Uz Jsme Doma and Gongzilla. In 2004, they signed a formal agreement with Lolo Records to release their music around the globe. Their musical styles are diverse and include heavy rock, jazz, avantgarde, progressive, and fusion. They’ve brought their unique soundscape to the stage and have a wide range of musical styles, including jazz, fusion, avantgarde, progressive rock, etc. They have clearly placed emphasis on a close relationship between themselves and the audience, as well as live material so that all their creations can be recorded live. DamoXt7942 bio

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