Dennis Chambers, John Novello, Billy Sheehan are all Niacin. Now is the time to relax, slip into Niacin and experience one of the most important lost artifacts of rock history: the Hammond B-3 sound or, more broadly, the steamy boiler room magic that can be produced from a three-piece of keyboards, bass, and drums. Even though the idea was complex, the result could have been spectacular if it had not been for lesser legends. John Novello, Dennis Chambers, and the bass wizard Billy Sheehan aren’t inferior. They have a collective history of decades of rock, jazz, and fusion creativity that has culminated in them exploding. Niacin has unleashed “Organik”, following in the irreverent, rambunctious and raucous tradition “Niacin”, “High Bias”, “Live – Blood Sweat and Beers”, and “Deep”. The overall mood for the project is set by Billy Sheehan. He was the spider-fingered bass acrobat in bands like Talas, David Lee Roth, and Mr. Big. “We certainly went more towards our late ’60s and early ’70s progrock roots, people such as King Crimson (PFM, Gentle Giant), early Genesis, Emerson, Lake, and of course Emerson.

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