Nickel And Brass Septet

Andrew Boscardin, Tom Varner, (guitar), Ben Thomas, (vibraphone), Chris Stover, (trombone), Clark Gibson, (saxophone), Brad Gibson, (drums), Jon Hamar, (bass), from discogs. The songs on this CD are dedicated and take inspiration form artists and writers from comic books of the 1960’s and 70’s. The characters and ideas created during this time are still beloved and loved today, which is a fitting tribute for the creativity and talent of these creators. It is remarkable that even though these creators spent zillions of money, cast the most famous stars, and used the most advanced technology, their efforts to bring these stories alive on the small and large screen are only a shadow of what they did on the printed page. These writers and artists created imaginative worlds with pen and ink, four colors and only four colors. Boscardin says, “I didn’t set out to create a lot of music about comic books.” However, while I was writing the music for this band, I was getting back into some of my favorite comics. They just kind of sank in there. It was only when I realized that a lot of my recent writing was ‘heroic’ or ‘positive’ that I did not know this was happening. Before I knew it I had created a collection of songs about my comic book heroes. Andrew Boscardin has been writing and performing music for more than 20 years. He has performed on stage with many musicians, including Tom Varner and Chris Stover, Mack Grout. Jovino Santos Neto, Julian Priester. Karl Latham. John Lee. Ben Thomas. Brad Gibson, Jon Hamar. Chuck Deardorf. Clark Gibson. Rachael Contorer. From bandcamp

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