Nico Gori

Nico Gori Clarinets and saxes, composer, arranger. Born in Florence (Italy), September 13, 1975. He began studying clarinet when he was six years old. In 1993, he graduated from the Luigi Cherubini Conservatory. He attended seminars by jazz musicians like Tony Scott and Dave Liebman to further his craft. He has been performing since 1987 in clubs, festivals, theatres, and on Italian RAI Television broadcasts. He has performed in many concerts both solo and with big bands, symphonic orchestras, and jazz groups, as well as as as a leader or sideman, in situations that range from jazz to classical music, funk music, to acid jazz. Since 1998, he has recorded with many jazz, pop, and funk groups, as well as helping to create jingles for television. He has collaborated with well-known musicians like Enrico Rava and Stefano Bollani since 1999. He was awarded the Massimo Urbani Award in 2000 for being the best Italian jazz musician. He recorded his first album of jazz as a leader with the Nico Gori Quartet, “Groovin’ High”, for Philology in 2003, along with Ellade Bandini and Massimo Moriconi, Sandro Gbellini, Renato Sellani, as a guest. Since 2004, he has been a member Stefano Bollani‚Äôs New Quintet. He performs in Festivals and Theatres around the globe: Umbria Jazz Festival in Melbourne (Australia), Dinant Jazz Festival, Brazil, TIM Festival in Rio de Janeiro and S. Paolo, Umbria Jazz Festival in Rio de Janeiro and S. Paolo, Umbria Jazz Festival in Yugoslavia and Umbria Jazz Summer 2005, Umbria Jazz winter 2011, Ginza Jazz Festival, Tokyo (Ja) and many other. He recorded the double CD “I Visionari” with the Stefano Bollani Quintet in 2005 with Mark Feldman as guest violinist, for Label Bleu. Bollani again collaborated with him on the projects “Nuvole” and “Gnosi delle Fanfole” Nico has been a member since 2007 of the “Band au Neon” trio, which is based in Copenhagen and includes the two Italian musicians Paolo Russo (and Francesco Cali). He performed many concerts in Denmark, Sweden and recorded “Il Segreto”, a CD for Danish label Bro-Recordings. Christian Brorsen. He recorded a new album in 2008 with Bollani Quintet, “I Visionari”, and recorded another concert. He recorded the album “BollaniCarioca”, which he released on the Universal label, in Rio de Janeiro. The project featured some of Brazil’s most talented musicians, including Marco Pereira and Jorge Helder, Jurim Moreira and Ze Renato, as well as Armando Marcal, Jurim Moeira, Ze Renato, Ze Nogueira, Ze Nogueira, Ze Nogueira and Ze Nogueira. Nico Gori has been the leader of a quartet made up of French musicians. They perform all over Europe and have recorded “Alien in Your Head” for Double Stroke Record. Nico Gori also plays in an Italian-Hungarian quartet with J. Egri, K.Olah and P.Borri. He has been the leader of the “Millenovecento” since 2004, along with Stefano Onorati. Their debut CD, which was recorded by the quartet for Double Stroke Records, has the same title “Millenovecento”. He was the clarinetist and the first alto sax soloist of the Vienna Art Orchestra, Mathias Ruegg. For three years, he toured Europe and Cuba with the band, giving workshops and performing in concerts. He performed at most of the major Italian jazz festivals and tour with the Stefano Bollani Carioca Project in July 2008. He also performed two concerts with Caetano Velosco, a legendary Brazilian singer, as part of the same group at Umbria Jazz. Nico Gori has been collaborating since 2009 with jazz legends Tom Harrell (trumpeter) and Fred Hersch (pianist). With his quartet, Tom Harrell and Nico Gori, he recorded “Shadows”, which was released by Universal Music. They have performed in Europe, as well as at some of New York’s most prestigious venues like The Falcon, Kitano Jazz Club, and Caramoor Jazz Festival. Their first CD, “Da Vinci”, was released by the French label BEEJAZZ for Europe and NAXOS in the U.S.A.A. and Canada. Fred Hersch and Nico Gori recently toured to present the album “Da Vinci”. They performed at the Montmartre jazz club, Copenhagen, and the Sunset/Sunside, Paris. Nico Gori, a Dane, moved to Copenhagen in 2013. He is now playing concerts with some of the most renowned danish musicians, including Jesper Bodilsen and Morten Lund, Jacob Christoffersen and Simon Spang Hansen. He also performs concerts in Denmark with Band Au Neon, along with the wonderful italian musicians Francesco Cali and Paolo Russo, who both live in Copenhagen. He has been back in Italy since February 2015, where he recorded “Il Gioco dei Contrasti”, his new album of original compositions. He is currently leading the quartet consisting of Alessandro Lanzoni and Gabriele Evangelista. The album was released March 2015 in an Italian magazine Musica Jazz. This album marks the start of a series of concerts at Italian jazz festivals, including Vicenza Jazz Festival, Serravalle Jazz Festival and Giotto Jazz Jazz Festival. Nico Gori, in collaboration with Francesco Mariotti and Association Pisa Jazz, launches a new project, “Nico Gori” in the summer 2015.

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