Nicola Sabato

Nicola Sabato, a double bass player, is capable of creating his own path and proposal with harmony and coherence. He is well-versed in jazz history and his instrument’s history, but he also embraces modernity and appeal. Nicola Sabato is a high-value sideman and has a great personality. He learned his skills from Pierre Boussaguet who was a legendary double bass player. John Clayton and Ray Brown were also important in his musical journey. Three albums were released under his name. One, ‘Lined With a Groove’, features the exceptional support of Jeff Hamilton on drums. While ‘Cruisin with the Nicola Sabato Quintet’ is a fun work that is based on a personal retrieval and appreciation of elegant jazz that is not lacking in any flashes. Nicola Sabato, a musician that you should be watching, is smart and thoughtful about jazz music. He doesn’t forget the basic principles of jazz music. We spoke with Nicola Sabato to learn more about his music, personal journey and his undisputed Italian heritage. from

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