Nicotina Es Primavera

Nicotina es Primavera, the musical project of Peruvian flutist Camilo Angels, is a young musician who settled in Buenos Aires after studying at the Conservatorio Manuel de Falla. Camilo met other young musicians there who shared his interests. They became friends in several musical ventures, which were always inspired by avant-garde music, contemporary jazz and jazz. One of these groups is Sales de Bano, which Carlos Quebrada has seen live in Lima. Nicotina es Primavera debuts with “Animal Ceramico”, via Buh Records. Camilo is a key figure in the creation of links between Argentina’s experimental rock scene (as documented in his double album, “Salgan al Sol”, Buh Records, 2015), and Peru. Nicotina es Primavera is now in Lima. It was formed in Buenos Aires in 2013 by Juan Olivera (trumpet), Violeta Garcia (cello), Camilo Los Angeles (flute, composition), Pia Hernandez(piano), Carlos Quebrada (“bass”), Nicolas del Aguila (“drums”) and Fermin Merlo (“vibraphone”). Nicotina es Primavera started playing in 2013. They have been a major presence in the Buenos Aires music scene since then. Their mix of experimental rock, jazz and contemporary music has made them a true star. Their music is not classified and stands out due to its compositional solidness, melody, dissonance and alternation while creating musical landscapes that are rich in complexity. This is where jazz and minimalist composition meet. From discogs

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