Uli Beckerhoff, artistic director of “Jazzahead”, a trade fair in Bremen, and jazz professor at Essen, drew our attention. “There is a new voice from Germany with his unique timbre and great intonation and phraseing – you just have to listen to him!” Truth be told, Germany doesn’t have many male jazz singers. Roger Cicero and Michael Schiefel, among others, have found audiences. The good news is that this extraordinary voice has a unique expression. A composer who can create beautiful and catchy songs. Nils-Christopher’s witty, romantic, and tongue-in-cheek writings are the cherry on top. The truth is that there are texts that fit to a melody and then songs are created. He doesn’t care if the genre is right for him. He has mastered jazz from the ground up and his band is well-versed in every aspect of jazz. First, there’s the song. The band then sets out on an adventure, and we are happy to be there! from

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