Nima Collective

Nima Collective is a blend of jazz, world music and progressive rock. Their compositions require a unique sound that the musicians create. It is an extraordinary and powerful sonic experience. Nima Collective is World Music. Nima’s Persian roots find their way into compositions using traditional elements from various eastern music systems. The sound is a unique blend of West African, South American and Western rhythms as well as melodies from other players. Although the majority of the original material was influenced by these influences, the musicians try to make the music accessible to all jazz traditions. Jazz- Improvisation is an integral part the music-making process at Nima Collective. Their musical style ranges from straight forward to avant-garde. The result is a compelling, yet somber experience with their smooth phrasing combined with intense musical moments. The group’s ability to blend dynamic contrasts with musical elements allows them to be both intimate and powerful. Progressive music by Nima Collective – Merge fans will love some of the progressive rock influences and attitudes. Power chords, intricate drum fills and virtuosic soloing all find their places in compositions that include a variety of movements, time signatures and associated visual imagery. This is ultimate mood music. from

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