Njet Njet 9

Njet Njet 9 is an energetic mini-big band that has a happy approach to music making. Their music is richly arranged, creating vast musical landscapes that range in style from futuristic to nostalgic. Ville Kyttala, the band’s leader, said that Njet Njet 9’s music sounded like Zappa or Zawinul playing tennis at a Swedish summer house. Although the music is easy to listen to, there are still many layers to explore. Njet Njet 9 will release Dark Soul, their second album in November. They are continuing their mission of open-mindedly mixing genres and not taking things too seriously. Ville Kyttala – Keyboards // Martti Vesala – Trumpet // Mikko Haanpaa – Trombone // Linda Fredriksson – Saxophone // Ville Vannemaa – Saxophone // Pekka Seppanen – Saxophone // Veikki Virkajarvi – Guitar // Heikki Laine – Bass // Eeti Nieminen – Drums from www.njetnjet9.com

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