Noah Kaplan

Noah Kaplan, a Topanga-based composer and saxophonist, is Noah Kaplan. His music combines the dark energy of free-jazz with Romantic lyrics in new realms. Kaplan has composed music for the JACK quartet and PRISM quartets, So Percussion and the American Modern Ensemble. Kaplan is the co-leader of Dollshot, an indie pop band. He is currently working with Hampton Fancher, a screenwriter (Blade Runner and Blade Runner 2049), on Salvation. This opera trilogy features three acts. Kaplan is an improviser and has recorded and performed with Joe Morris and Anthony Coleman. Mat Maneri and Joe Maneri are some of his collaborators. Two albums have been recorded by the Noah Kaplan Quartet for HatHut Records: Descendants (2011), Cluster Swerve (2016). Noah Kaplan is currently a Princeton University Ph.D. Candidat in Music Composition and a Naumburg/Mark Nelson doctoral fellow. In 2006, he graduated from the New England Conservatory with a Bachelor of Music. He received a B.M. in Jazz Performance and an M.F.A. In 2015, he received a Master’s Degree in Jazz Performance from Princeton. In 2016, he was awarded a Tanglewood Composition Fellowship. His 2017 work Forest Through Forest was performed by the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra, Edward T. Cone Institute. He composes and improvises, and also produces new experimental and classical music for Underwolf Records. He edited the English edition of Ivan Wyschnegradsky’s Manual of Quarter-Tone Harmony. It will be published by Underwolf Editions in 2017. He lives in Brooklyn.

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