Noise In Your Eye

Noise in Your Eye was founded in Box, Wiltshire in 2007, by long-term collaborators pianist/producer Adrian Chivers and musician/artist Daniel Pennie. This duo is an experimental group of musicians who combine elements of jazz, film-score and electronica with free improvisation.
It is a desire not to follow rote processes or to use generic structures that gives rise to the duo’s ability to create music instinctively and impulsively. The band’s original material has been largely derived from live improvisations since its inception. The next step is to emphasize the melodic lines that have been created during performances. This gives music a distinctive sound. It’s created spontaneously in the room and then refined to form a final composition.

NIYE’s debut album is a decade of musical adventures. It features ten diverse compositions. The event is enhanced by the presence of distinguished guests who bring colour and depth to the imagined soundtracks. This visual-music will transport you into a cinematic world.

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