Music is the boss when it’s truly happening. Music that is meaningful and kinetic has its own agenda. Music that is intended to be played will find a way. The music demanded that the Nolatet be created. For many years, these four men have been a part of each other’s lives. Since 1977, New Orleans’ most talented rhythm section has been led by Johnny Vidacovich (drums), and James Singleton (“upright bass”) Mike Dillon (vibes, percussion) has been playing with Brian Haas (piano), on the same tour circuit for more than 20 years. Each of the four musicians are fiercely independent bandleaders and iconoclasts, who each create, play, and manage their music in their own way. It is not surprising that the Nolatet was formed after years of collaboration between the four musicians. The quartet recorded their debut album Dogs after five performances in New Orleans in January 2015. The collection, which will be released February 26th via Royal Potato Family features all original material that was influenced by the lives and perceptions these four jazz avatars. The Nolatet’s music language is based on traditional jazz, but each member’s uniqueness allows for innovation to be a constant throughout their album. All of the album was recorded in one session, with only first and second takes. There were no overdubs. Although there were sketches for compositions, the final album is improvised music that was made with wild abandon and in complete respect for each person involved.

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