NOMO were conceived in 2003 when University of Michigan jazz studies graduate and multi-instrumentalist (tenor sax, keyboards, electric mbiri) Elliot Bergman and some of his acquaintances began jamming at an Ann Arbor, MI, house where many of them lived. After Warn Defever challenged Bergman to bring as many people to the studio as possible, the group was formed. The band, which had more than 60 contributors to its album and live performances, released a full-length album of the same name in 2004. Ubiquity Records in California was immediately attracted to NOMO’s blend of African beats and avant-garde music. Bergman, Erik Hall (guitar and Nu-Tone Cymbals), Jamie Register, Dan Piccolo (drums), Dan Bennett, baritone sax), Justin Walter, Olman Piedra, congas, cajons, shekere, Ingrid Racine, and Justin Walter formed the core of NOMO. They released New Tones, Ghost Rock, and Invisible Cities in 2006. Allmusic

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