Nova, an Italian progressive band that has spent nearly all of its life abroad, is more active than their albums in Italy. Ex-founders of Osanna, Elio D’Anna u0026 Danilo Rustici, stayed in London to form Nova along with other well-known Italian musicians like Corrado Rustici (Cervello) and Dede Lo Previte (Circus 2000). With a strong jazz-rock influence, the band released their first album, Blink in 1976. They were assisted by Pete Townshend and Nick J.Sedwick, who also wrote the lyrics to Uno. Osanna’s trademark sound is still evident, but the music is moving to more commercial sounds. Corrado Rustici has taken the vocal lead on two of the six tracks. The album is full of good moments. Their next LP was never released in Italy. The band has since moved to England and the USA, where they have been a stable presence ever since. Vimana was the second album. The band was reduced to three members, Elio D’Anna and Corrado, with Renato Rosset, ex-New Trolls Atomic System keyboardist, and international stars such as Narada Michael Walden (drums), Phil Collins and Percy Jones (bass), and Narada Michael Walden, (drums) respectively. Although some elements of Osanna/Cervello sound can still be heard (listen for Elio D’Anna’s Sax and Corrado Rustici’s frantic Guitar), the band’s style has begun to move towards mainstream jazz-rock with an edgier edge. The last two albums will be at a lower level. Sun city, the fourth and final album, was recorded in the USA in 1978. It featured a more hard-rocking sound with the magic guitar played by Corrado Rustici (one the most skilled guitarists of that era). D’Anna returned to Italy to pursue a career in production, leaving the music scene to disappear. Corrado Rustici, on the other hand, remained in the USA and returned to Italy, where he’s been a long collaborator with artists such as Zucchero, Elisa and others as a producer and musician. Both Elio D’Anna and Corrado Rustici were in England during Nova’s early days. John G.Perry, Caravan’s bassist, recorded Sunset wading in 1976. From

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