Nova Collective

Nova Collective was founded in 2014 by Dan Briggs (BTBAM), Trioscapes, and Richard Henshall (Haken). They began exchanging emails about music and soon demos were being sent and arranged into full arrangements. To finish the album, drummer Matt Lynch (Trioscapes and Cynic), and keyboardist Pete Jones ex-Haken joined the team shortly thereafter. The Further Side was recorded on both sides the Atlantic Ocean. The album was written by Briggs, Lynch and Henshall in America, and Jones and Jones in England. They shared session files until they could meet up with Jamie King (BTBAM and The Contortionist) at the beginning 2015 to record. Rich Mouser (Neal Morse and Transatlantic) mixed the album. Nova Collective’s music is a fusion of progressive rock and world music, jazz, and classical. The band’s ability to seamlessly combine multiple influences into something new, as well as songs like “Dancing Machines”, and the accompanying video show their dizzying prowess. It is pure prog/jazz aural candy for those with prog/jazz preferences. This album is clearly a labor of passion for all those involved and this enthusiasm shines through. from

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