Now Vs Now

Now vs. Now, which features Justin Tyson and Panagiotis Andreou as bassists and drummers respectively, is a unique progressive electro-jazz band. The band’s roots were planted in New York City’s alternative Jazz venues in the early 2000s. Here, the musicians were able to mix jazz, hip-hop, rock and electronica with a variety of world music influences. The New York Times called 2013’s Earth Analog (Now vs Now Productions) “a manifesto in form of an album”. It features dynamic, exciting music that is based on earthy, eclectic rhythms, and melodies. The album was written and produced by Lindner, and then arranged by the three. It is a soundtrack for an earth analog, which is a planet that has biological conditions similar to planet earth. Jason, a talented pianist and bandleader, says that the album is the music earth analogs would have enjoyed. He was inspired by the Moog, analog synths, and working with Chick Corea, Lauryn Hill and Meshell Ndegeocello. (Meshell produced Now vs Now’s debut album. From

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