Ouriel Ellert finally gives us his own music with NOWHERE. This trio oscillates between jazz, improvisation, and grooves and moods that are influenced by rock or electro. His talented friends and companions Martin Wangermee and Anthony Jambon are his guitarists. Ouriel Ellert is a composer and a bass player. He was born in France in 1982. He grew up listening to Jazz in the countryside. He quickly became a professional musician, and he moved to Paris in 2009. He was able to work with many international and national artists, including Mamani Keita and Martha High. In 2009, he moved to Paris and started Nowhere. His music is modern and electric, drawing from his many influences. He can be heard today performing a wide range of musical styles, including jazz, electric, and African music. One thing is certain: he stays true to his nature in all of his work. from

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