Nublu Orchestra Conducted By Butch Morris

The Nublu Orchestra is made up of the diverse range of musicians who call Nublu home. Butch Morris, inventor of Conduction(r), is the man who oversees the bands of Wax Poetic and Brazilian Girls as well as regular Nublu guests Eddie Henderson and Graham Haynes. Conduction is Morris’ vocabulary of ideographic gestures and signs that can be used to create or modify a musical arrangement or composition. A command to sustain is indicated by an outstretched arm and a palm facing upward. To make staccato sounds, fast forward strikes with the baton can be used. His conductive language contains a variety of signals that can be used to manipulate the harmonies, melodies and rhythms of musicians. Morris started his career as a free-jazz cornet player and composer, but Conduction was invented 21 years ago to bring together musicians, regardless of cultural, technical, stylistic, or cultural differences. Butch has led over 5,000 musicians from 22 different countries since its inception. The Nublu Orchestra is almost like a fusion of all these nations and players. Morris begins to explain the Nublu Orchestra’s role in Conduction. “Conduction is dependent on social and cultural structure but it is not limited or dependent on style or categorical,” he says. “Musicians, regardless of their musical backgrounds, can play what they love under the guidance of Conduction. They give it to you and I transform it. Nublu Orchestra includes musicians from many musical genres, including jazz, funk and pop, fusion and Brazilian.

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