Nucleus, a British pioneering jazz-rock group, continued to exist in various forms between 1969 and 1989. They won the Montreux Jazz Festival’s first prize, and released Elastic Rock. They also performed at the Newport Jazz Festival as well as the Village Gate jazz club. Ian Carr, who was an influential figure in British jazz for over forty years, led them. He had previously been part of the Rendell-Carr Quintet in the mid and later 1960s. Their jazz-based music evolved over time from a sound that incorporated elements of progressive and psychoedelic rock to a more funkier sound by the mid and late 1970s. The first Nucleus line-up included Ian Carr, frontman and trumpeter, Karl Jenkins, keyboardist/oboist, Brian Smith, saxophonist/flautist, Chris Spedding and Jeff Clyne, as well as drummer John Marshall. The band’s third album featured the addition of Kenny Wheeler, Harry Beckett, saxophonist Tony Roberts and bassist Ron Mathewson. Keith Winter was also percussionist on VCS3 synthesizer. Dave MacRae joined the band shortly after, and they recorded several albums together. The band has been blessed with many members over the years: Trumpet

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