Ocean Fanfare

Ocean Fanfare is an international quartet that includes Tomasz Dbrowski (trp), Sven Dam Meinild(sax), Richard Andersson, Tyshawn Sorey and Tyshawn Sorey. They created “Imagine Sound Imagine Silence”, a record that was released by Barefoot Records on March 30. The record explores the interplay between the rock-solid rhythm section and abstract, evocative melodyes. They never leave the jazz ocean, but they push the boundaries of what jazz sounds like in the new millennium. Polish trumpeter Tomasz Dabrowski already has many albums under his belt as a bandleader. He has now developed his own sound on the trumpet. He creates Ocean Fanfare with Sven Dam Meinild, who plays saxophone. The horn section alternates between the melancholy and the euphoric. Danish Richard Andersson is a bass player who has a strong grasp on jazz tradition but also has the will and courage to move forward. They create both a raw swing sound and an energetic drive with American multi-talented Tyshawn Srey on drums. Tyshawn Sorey has been a rising star in the international jazz scene. His many collaborations include, among others, Vijay Iyer and Steve Coleman, Dave Douglas as well as Steve Lehman, Steve Lehman, John Zorn, Steve Lehman, Steve Lehman, Steve Lehman, Steve Douglas, Dave Douglas, Steve Lehman, and Steve Douglas. Ocean Fanfare was created in conjunction with Tomasz Dbrowski and received the “Funen jazz musician 2012” award. Richard Andersson received the same award in 2010. from http://barefoot-records.com

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