Octave Inc

Octave Inc was created by Michael Slater, a saxophonist. Slater, a Nashville-based jazz saxophonist, has been called a “sleazy ghost saxophone…taken straight out of the Clarence Clemons Songbook” (Mess Noise). Slater is most well-known for his work with Shining Bird and Ernest Ellis, as well as the studio project Rain King. His jazz quintet represents the culmination of all the genres he has been involved in. Although they are a genre-bending group of sounds, the quintet is a free-form jazz band. The quintet explores many areas of music, with a focus on jazz fusion as well as pop. They bring a powerful sound to the stage, and it’s exciting and captivating music. Octave Inc’s music never sounds the same twice. It is organic and constantly evolving. The band’s first EP, ‘Dancer’ was released in 2016. Octave Inc released their second EP in early 2018 titled ‘Flightpath of the Sky Queen. The band is now on the final stretch of their self-titled debut album. The band explores a wide range of musical territories throughout the album to create an endless variety of music. It moves in many directions and doesn’t stay in one spot for too long. It creates a dynamic listening experience you will quickly become addicted to. Happy Mag Octave Inc’s members are Michael Slater (saxophone), Andrew Jeon(guitar), Jesse Nguyen (“keys”), Mitchell King (bass), and Riccardo Queirke (drums). from www.octaveincmusic.com

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