Offlines Project (guy Mintus & Yinon Muallem)

“Off Lines” is a unique collaboration between Guy Mintus, a young jazz pianist, and Yinon Muallem, a renowned composer, percussionist and singer. Yinon is an israeli musician. He has lived in Istanbul, Turkey for 12 years. Yinon, a Turkish musician, has released six albums. He is highly praised for his ability to revive traditional turkish music forms and combine it with Jewish elements. Yinon’s music is helping to create cultural bridges between Israel, Turkey. He has been the Cultural Attache at the Israeli Embassy in Turkey for two years. Guy is an upcoming Israeli pianist and improviser, who is based in New York City. Guy combines his love of music from the Middle-East with American jazz in his own way. Guy, 22, is fortunate to perform his music extensively throughout the United States and internationally. He also has the opportunity to share the stage alongside masters from many musical traditions.
This project, “Off Lines”, is all about connecting bridges. Bridges between two generations and two countries. One could mention a variety of styles to describe our music. These include jazz, rock, film music, Turkish, Jewish, Indian, and improvisational music. It is not one of these. The music that you hear is something in the middle, or “off the lines”. Music one has to hear in order understand it. It doesn’t have to come from one place, but from all over the world. Guy and Yinon are excited to share this music with the world. They hope it will be a direct result of what comes from the heart.

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