Okan Ersan

Okan Ersan, a Cypriot guitarist/composer, has headlined at many prestigious International Jazz Festivals, including Leverkusener Jazztage and Penang Island Jazz Festival. He also performed at Nanjing Jazz Festival, Kansas City Jazz Festival and Carthage Jazztage. He is a well-respected artist and has worked with many acclaimed artists, including Ernie Watts, Billy Paul, Rex Richardson (Fazil Say), Joe Lynn Turner, Joe Lynn Turner, and Volkan Oktem. Okan Ersan’s Mediterranean roots have given him the opportunity to build a successful international career as a composer and guitarist. The listener will be inspired by his ability to create intricate harmonies and blend them into beautiful melodies. His achievements have been recognized by his peers in the music industry. His high-energy electric Fusion appeals to all audiences. Okan Ersan, an accomplished recording artist, is about to release his 3rd album. Okan Ersan’s albums have pushed musical boundaries. His first album, To Whom it May Concern, features traditional jazz fusion. The second album, A Reborn Journey, has fiery solos that are tinged by an eastern glow. Okan’s new album is futuristic jazz fusion that transcends all boundaries. His album Nibiru features NASA recordings from space, layered with complex harmonies and solid tone. It is music that is far ahead of its time. Okan is a Yamaha Guitars performing musician for nearly two decades. He uses his position as a successful musician and music teacher to inspire and motivate guitarists. Okan Ersan is an endorser for YAMAHA, PRS Guitars, ATC Acoustic Engineer Speakers, and GHS Strings. Melis Unal supplied bio

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