Oleg Grymov

Oleg Grymov is a clarinet and alto saxophone player. Oleg Grymov is also the Oleg Lundstrem Orchestra’s lead saxophone player. Grymov cited Charlie Parker as one of his major influences and chose the alto saxophone to be his main instrument. He won the 1997 Rostov-on Don National Youth Jazz Contest. He graduated in 2000 from Alexander Oseychuk’s class at Gnessin Russian Academy of Music, and was offered a spot in the Igor Butman Orchestre. He also started his own jazz band, Muzika tolstykh (Music of the Fat), where he played clarinet. He has performed at Le Festival in Moscow, Tver, the Moscow International House of Music, the Alexey Kozlov Program (2006), and the Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival, Moscow–with Igor Butman’s Sextet. He has performed with Miles Griffith, Alexey Kruglov and Michel Marre. from https://garagemca.org

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