Olie Brice

Olie Brice is a double-bassist, improviser, and composer. Richard Williams describes him as the leader of the Olie Birice Quintet. He calls it “one the most exciting and satisfying bands in the UK”. The Olie Birice Quintet has released two albums: ‘Immune to Clockwork,’ in 2014, and ‘Day After Day,’ in 2017. The Somersaults Trio is his improvising group, which also includes Mark Sanders and Tobias Delius. Brice is also a sought-after collaborator and band member. Brice has performed with many musicians, including Evan Parker, Tony Malaby and Ingrid Laubrock. He is also a member and leader of bands that include Loz Speyer, Alex Ward, and Dee Byrne. from https://oliebrice.com

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