Olivier Hébert

Olivier Hebert, a Trombonist and cofounder of the GRUV’N BRASS Band, is also a skilled upright bass player. He is best known for writing for his LoFi Octet. This group combines a jazz trio with a string quartet. He is also a freelancer for a number of montreal-based bands. As a trombone player, he will be participating in the Bleury Bar a Vinyle Jazz composers series. Olivier Hebert took advantage of his versatility and progressively became a jazz bass player and an orchestral bass player. Hebert was already composing for a mixed ensemble that included a string quartet and a jazz quartet. His music creativity, sound-shaping singularity, and the virtuosity his fellow musician have all contributed to his composing and arrangement talents. He is a trombone player, composer, and cofounder of Gruv’n Brass. In recognition of his instrumental, writing, and arranging talents, Quebec’s council of art and literature (CALQ) awarded him. He has also contributed to various albums as guest trombone player, bass player and/or string and wind arranger for different popular groups such as Misteur Valaire (Golden Bombay, 2011), Alice and the Intellects (Eponym, 2011), La Patere Rose (Eponym, 2009), Jerome Dupuis-Cloutier (Eponym, 2010) and Fanny Bloom (To be released in 2012) from jazzcomposers.wordpress.com

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