Jorge Quesada created this entertaining and heartfelt proposal in 2014. It was born out of an inquisitive need to keep going inside the ebbs, flows, and fusions that combine tradition and modernity, the roots and fruits of the giant tree of music. OMBRA’s music is still relevant within the borders of Ethno Jazz and Jazz Fusion genres, as its compositions are primarily based on melodies of Andalusian and Israeli origin. Ombra’s music is influenced by Mediterranean culture and civilizations. Jazzy scales are combined in with ancient Sephardim poetry and ancient ladino (medieval Castilian Spanish spoken anciently in Israel). The name “OMBRA”, which has a deep cultural meaning, can be explained by three concepts. First, ‘OM’ is a sacred mantra that comes from dharmic religions such as Buddhism or Hinduism, in which the unity between mind and body is represented by powerful and holy sounds. Second, ‘RA’ stands for a Great God’, a?Godof the Sun’ or a ‘God Of the Origin of Life’. And last, the Greek consonant (BETA (BETA (BETA (B) represents Greece, which also serves as a platform for the sharing of knowledge between Eastern and Western cultures. It all adds up to the word OMB-RA. This also means’shadow” in three Mediterranean languages (Catalan Valencian and Italian)…. a natural wonder with a playful, mysterious, and peculiar character… and an extremely sought-after companion when we consider the extreme heat that certain areas of the Mediterranean can experience. From

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