Ominox, the jazz rock fusion creation of keyboard wizard (and featured soloist/composer Liquid Note Records releases The Alchemists and Richard Hallebeek project and J.A.M. ), Lale Larson. Contemporary Past includes material from his first fusion group Ominox. These compositions were composed when Larson was just 17/18 years old. They have been remastered specifically for this album. This recording not only takes you back in time but also shows the growth of a young jazz/rock musician as he discovers his talents and shares them with others. Contemporary Past includes the best songs from three sessions: 1993-94, 94, and 95. Ten tracks of jazz fusion with a hard edge, in the spirit of Chick Corea and Tribal Tech. Ominox is a well-known underground artist that has enjoyed praise from Mark Varney as well as a host of other fans of virtuoso music. Although this album took a while to come out, we think you’ll find it worth the wait. Contemporary Past is the album for you if you like challenging, melodic, jazz rock fusion with great keyboard solos, and lots of passionate guitar solos. CDBaby

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